As a nature-based skin care company, we are forever grateful for the privilege of enjoying the earth’s resources. Naturally, we consider it our duty to care for these resources in the same way we care for our own bodies; that’s why we are dedicated to using restorative and responsible business practices.


Our team is our family

We are a small company that works hard to live a lifestyle that reflects the values put into our products, with a focus on creating a fun, happy and healthy environment for employees. We encourage our staff to care for themselves and their families first and we do what we can to support them in their own nourishing pursuits.


Our true pledge

The true pledge, ‘create with conscience’ reflects our vow of complete transparency to our customers and in the ethical ways in which we conduct our business; it helps us lead responsibly into the future. Our promise to you – our products truly deliver and we will be true to our words.


Quality comes first.

We ensure our ingredients are not tainted with harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.  It's pregnancy safe: no alcohol,no fragrance, no paraben, no heavy metal, no chemical, no steroid.


Our products are cruelty-free.

We never have and never will engage in animal testing and choose to test on consenting humans only.


We use considerate packaging.

We make sure our packaging is not only beautiful, but reusable too. We are not perfect and are committed to finding new materials all the time that have a positive impact on the earth throughout their lifecycle and we continually strive for even better packaging solutions.


Our suppliers and manufacturers have high environmental standards.

The impact we have goes all the way down the line; from production to end use.We have chosen to work with FDA approved GMP certificated manufacturers who are allies in producing eco-friendly and natural products and that take care of their employees.