Behind the Story:


The story begins with Mr Thomas Davis, whose wife gave birth to a lovely daughter. However, by the time their daughter turned one year old, Mrs Davis had put on a lot of weight which made her body and face no longer attractive. Due to this issue, Mrs Davis was diagnosed with depression as she has always been extremely self conscious about her appearance. Thomas was very concerned and therefore began exploring all kinds of ways to help his wife becoming attractive once again in order to cure her depression.


He decided to write to his close friend (a profound biological scientist) about the situation and to seek a curing method. His friend open handedly agreed to help Thomas and invited other biological scientists to take part in a research mission for the ultimate formula which will produce the most effective organic beauty substance. After conducting 800 rounds of testing through various formulas, the most natural and effective skin care product was finally born.


Since then, this precious formula was passed on from one generation to another, making sure that descendants understands the power of beauty which will improve people's lives by building their self confidence and reaching to their full potential.


Behind the Name:


T8N is a name that God has bestowed upon us, in our lives [T-E-E-N]. An implication on the skin to be everyday young by enhancing each single stem cell with full energy and vitality. Like flowers when blossoming, it brings a touch of eternity, joy and beauty.


Behind the Product: 


The success behind the product lies in the hands of a team of professional biological scientists who has passionately researched, developed and improved the quality and functionality of the product. They understand the importance in providing the necessary nutrients which the skin requires to stay healthy and strong.


As human beings go through a 28-day metabolism process, various changes continuously occur to the skin. The skin will also confront with radical changes in four seasons, radiation from the sun, exposure to environmental pollution, chemicals and heavy metals and the decrease in collagen production with age, these are the major problems which we inevitably need to face and overcome. Hence, it has given our scientists the opportunity to conduct several hundred rounds of thorough research, testing and development towards different age groups in order to formulate and produce the ultimate skin care product which will guarantee 100% satisfaction from each and one of our customers.